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Pinned topic DS 3.1.1 cannot connect to VM, please help

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I am trying to work my way through a recent DeveloperWorks tutorial for RDF on DB2. The tutorial involves downloading a DS Java application package that can be imported to DS and tried out. I have no previous experience with DS.

I installed DS 3.1.1 on 64-bit Win7 PC. I imported the application package. The application requires a DB2 10.1 database that must be set-up in earlier steps of the tutorial. The database exists on the same PC, and DS is able to connect to this database.

When I attempt to start the application in the debgf mode, I get a popup reading "Cannot connect to VM socket closed."

It is known through Windows task manager that a Java VM is in fact already running (javaw.exe) and it is the one affiliated with Eclipse. If I then kill the VM, the messages I get as it dies clearly indicate that it had been started using the eclipse.ini.

Can somebody please help. I have been stuck on this for a couple of days.
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    Re: DS 3.1.1 cannot connect to VM, please help


    I once had a somewhat similar issue. I was getting a time-out when trying to debug a DB2 java stored procedure. Execution was fine. It turned out my firewall was blocking the port used by the routine debugger but everything else like the jdbc connection was ok. Check your firewall's log if you have a firewall and check Eclipse's error.log for any extra info. Window's event viewer too.
    If no progress, you could also try to to debug a Java stored procedure and see if you have same issue and then turn on the routine debugger trace for more info.