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Pinned topic TSA with two instance DB2 HA-Cluster , same IP

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I need recommendations to configuration two instances in HA-Cluster, the problem are

1.- Same IP
2.- Same File System
3.- The servers are two virtual-machine zlinux RHEL v6
4.- One vg in the two device ( minidisk of z/OS )

The customer may agree to use two IP, but he has problems with the presentation of the minidisk of Z/OS

Is there any way with TSA, to handle two instances of DB2/HA Cluster simultaneously?

Thanks you very much

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    Re: TSA with two instance DB2 HA-Cluster , same IP

    Hi Adolfo,

    Please correct me if I've misunderstood your question.

    You can't have two systems with the same IP address at the same time. The "Service IP" will be in a resource group that is active on one member of the cluster at any one time. When that member fails, the resource group, including the "Service IP", will be taken over by another cluster node.


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