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Pinned topic Cognos 10 Transformer with Framework Package as Data Source

‏2012-08-08T10:37:54Z |

I am planning to develop a Cube using Transformer. The data source is the Framework Manager package (There are already some filters predefined for the package).

Is there any way that I can use these filters in the FM Package to filter the data that comes into Transformer via FM Package?

Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Cognos 10 Transformer with Framework Package as Data Source

    ‏2012-08-10T11:39:00Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Not directly from the package, as in transformer you can only add columns from whatever source you are using, you can't add where clauses.

    A better/best practise would be to create a report off the package in Cognos and then use the report as a source for the the cube. Then you can use your predefined filters. It is also much easier to test your results from the cube against the report as well.