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hi frnds,

Can anyone tell me on what base we integrate how many services with templates.?

eg. if we create 1 database template and 2 database services and integrate both, then on what base we integrate 2 services or 2 templates.?
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    Re: TBSM Services and Templates

    You should really take a look at the TBSM Scenarios Guide:

    Also read through some of the other documentation, available here:

    TBSM is not a product that a novice can just implement by asking questions. You have to understand the purpose(s) of the product, how it works, and how it's configured before you start with an implementation. The Scenarios Guide will give you all of this information, in the form of scenarios, where it walks you through the customer goals, information sources, and the actual implementation steps you need to perform to achieve the stated goals.


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