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‏2012-08-07T09:13:33Z |
Is there any default data masking function available for masking any character data(Say from one char to other char) / Numeric data(one number to other) in Z/os?
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    Re: Optim Data masking function

    need to write Column map exit
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    Re: Optim Data masking function

    There is a built-in Optim masking function on the Optim Distributed platform called TRANS COL. It does what you want.

    This is not available as a built-in function yet on Optim z/OS. However, it is possible (relatively easy) to write a column map user exit to do this. First you have to go get the Optim Distributed 8.1 Fixpack 4. (This will sound strange to a z/OS customer.) You find the ODPP (Optim Data Privacy Providers) component, and find the documentation about how to make it available on z/OS. It also has sample exits, one written in COBOL and one in C. They invoke other functions (Credit Card Number masking and National ID) so you will have to modify one of the exits to call the TRANS COL function instead.