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Pinned topic TBSM Service Models (Beginner)

‏2012-08-07T04:46:22Z |
hi frnds,

In the attachment there is a figure.
plz can anyone tell the detail of that figure. Means

what does back color indicate?
What information can we get from that image?
What does those color bars do?
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    Re: TBSM Service Models (Beginner)

    hi maddy,
    I will suggest you to read the documentation before you proceed, as answer to all of your questions are in those guides,

    The back color indicates that currently the service name Webfarm1 is in critical stage.

    Again from the image we know the current condition of the service or service model, if you click on it, it will display the relevant event due to which its state is changed and also its dependency (not shown) on other services.
    the bars have different meaning SLA etc