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Pinned topic Data corruption sample in CustomerSamples.jar

‏2012-08-06T17:20:28Z | mdm-migration
1. For the data corruption code included in the CustomerSamples.jar, I'm getting these errors:
8/6/12 11:52:10:094 EDT 00000012 SystemOut O WARN - Exception_Shared_NoProperty: CDKCU2003E:The property is not defined in the properties file. Property = EventManager.process_controller.provider_url
8/6/12 11:52:10:094 EDT 00000012 SystemOut O ERROR - com.dwl.tcrm.exception.TCRMPropertyNotFoundException: EventManager.process_controller.provider_url
at com.dwl.tcrm.utilities.TCRMProperties.getTCRMProperty(
at com.dwl.tcrm.utilities.TCRMProperties.getProperty(
at com.dwl.tcrm.utilities.TCRMClassFactory.getEJBServices(
at com.dwl.tcrm.samples.datacorruption.DataCorruptionEMNotifier.execute(

Same stack trace but other properties not found listed in the log are:

The file, however, has been updated to include:

Yet these errors still occur.

Is there another properties file which must be updated?
2. MDM\Samples\EJBSamples\instruction\SetupDataCorruptionSample.txt mentions a Deploy_CusomerSamples_Server.doc.
This doc is no where to be found in the distribution package. Can it be found online?
thank you.
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    Re: Data corruption sample in CustomerSamples.jar


    One reason why this is happens is when there is a space added at the end of a property defined in event manager property file.

    In this case, check the property its complaining about EventManager.process_controller.provider_url to see if you have accidentally added a space. It happens all the time with me when I use vi in unix environment.

    This is small issue we have in the code where we do not trim the property we read from the file. Hope that helps.