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Pinned topic LogIn to CM8 with a user which is configured not to require a password

‏2012-08-06T14:35:39Z |
If CM8 is setup with a icmconnect ID which does not require a password.

This new “icmconnect” id will just be used by the web service. This new id would be set up to not require a password. We can put this new id in the cmbicmenv.ini file and deploy it on the CM8 web service WAS. We would also need to have the users for this application set up in CM8 security to have trusted logon. This will allow the application to call the CM8 web service with just an id and not a password. eClient will still use the original “icmconnect” id that requires a password.

Will the below code work with this new icmconnect ID, which does not require a password?

// Create connection bean
CMBConnection connection = new CMBConnection();

// Set properties on connection bean
// Set the DataStore type to indicate Content Manager

// Set the Library Server name

// Set the user id and password for authentication

// Get the connection