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I have installed CICS OPEN BETA 5.1 on our mainframe and the latest EXPLORER download client on my PC. I am trying to install the CICS catalog manager example application and I am following the intructions on page 434 of the Web Services Guide 5.1. My connection from the PC to the Mainframe is a CICS Management Interface connection to a single CICS region. I have not defined a CMAS. When defining the first file definition of the CICS catalog manager example application which is EXMPCAT, EXPLORER prompts me for the name of the DATA REPOSITORY as the first field to fill out. Since I dont have a CMAS, how do I get around this prompt?

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    The DATA Repository is the name of the system that you have connected to in my case its my applid when I'm using SMSS. The easiest way to see what it should be is go to the CICSplex Explorer view (top left) expand the top level to view your system and right click on the system and go to New -> File Definition and these fields are prefilled in.

    Hope that helps


    Adam Coulthard