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Pinned topic How to create a dictionary file compatible with LRW generated .pear file?

‏2012-08-04T14:04:23Z |
Hello ICA Team,

Is there any utility or SDK to create a dictionary (.dic) that is compatible with the LRW / Content Analytics Studio generated .pear file?

We need to generate the entries inside the dictionary without any manual input in Eclipse.

We need the dictionary to be part of the LRW generated .pear file and participate in parsing rules.

We tried the eslexicaldictbuilder.bat utility, but as documented it doesn't create a dictionary compatible with an LRW generated .pear file.

The eslexicaldictbuilder.bat utility uses the XMLDictionaryBuilder while the LRW Studio uses the DBDictionaryBuilder

Is there any we can generate a .dic file compatible with the output format from the DBDictionaryBuilder?

Is there any other way to create a dictionary compatible with an LRW generated .pear file?

Kind Regards,
Scott Raimist
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