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Pinned topic Include index for DB2 v10 Z/OS and generated columns issue

‏2012-08-03T13:00:08Z |

I want to create a unique index with include columns in physical data model for DB2 on Z/OS v10. I have tried this in IDA v7.6 as well as v8.1. But in both cases, the button is disabled. For a LUW physical data model, the button to include columns is available and I am able to select columns and generate the proper DDL. Is there any settings that needs to be changed to enable this feature for Z/OS?

Second, for generated columns on Z/OS, the generate DDL does not have the expression that is used. The DDL simply says columnname datatype with no mention of generated always keyword or the expression. Again, this does not happen for physical data model for LUW v10.1.

Can any one of you help in resolving the above issues?