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Pinned topic Process Engine Node is not visible in Process Task Manager ( Single Box )

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Hi All,

We do have single box ( ALL FileNet components got installed on the single server ) environment for non production and in that, when I hit router command, its fetching Process Task Manager ( PTM ) but in that Process Engine (PE) node is not visible. But in another non prod environment, I can able to see PE node in PTM. Please advise me any changes needed to to done to make PE node visible in PTM.

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    Re: Process Engine Node is not visible in Process Task Manager ( Single Box )

    You should always include details about your system when asking for help, like the version for starters & what OS you're on.

    You can have many process task managers (PTMs) on a single server, since you say router command i think you're starting the one bundled with one of the clients like XT, this traditionally doesn't have PE.

    The PE PTM on windows in CE 5.1 is by default launched by the bat file at C:\Program Files\IBM\FileNet\ProcessEngine\vwtaskman.bat. What shows up in any given PTM is defined by the file it uses.

    i can't seem to locate the documentation on that file any more, i think IBM is trying to make it non-configurable and have the installers modify it as needed, but if you diff the for the PTM you like vs the one you don't it should be pretty apparent as to what you need to change.

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