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‏2012-08-02T12:21:18Z |
Does anyone know if there is any significant performance issues with using one collection id for all packages in a shop? That would be 4,000 plus packages in the one collection id and over time maybe adding 100 or so to it each year.
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    Re: Collection Id's for packages

    collection ids are used for several purposes, but if you decide that you want to have all your packages in the same collection, that is also fine
    the only issue i can think of would be that db2 needs to scan the packages list when it figures out which package to invoke for each plan you run
    as long as your plans are not using collection_id.* but are using actual package names you should not be effected at all
    if you are using collection_id.* in your plans you might be effected, but i can't tell you how significant it is. You will have to run some sort of a benchmark in your system