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Pinned topic ITM - WPA - Historical data collection

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As Per my Knowledge, based on the collection location, the historical data are collected from TEMA or TEMS and stored in data warehouse using WPA.

My question is suppose if i specify the collection location as TEMA, whether the historical data are directly forwarded to Warehouse database or through TEMS it is forwarded to warehouse database. i.e whether TEMS acts as intermediate media while forwarding historical data from TEMA to warehouse database?

Waiting for reply..

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  • JohnMims/IBM
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    Re: ITM - WPA - Historical data collection

    If you specify the monitoring agent (TEMA) as the storage location for short-term historical data, the agent connects directly to the Warehouse Proxy Agent to offload its data. The monitoring server (TEMS) is not involved in the data transfer. The TEMS does provide the location of the WPA to the agent, but the TEMS does not handle the collected data.

    The same is true if you speciy the monitoring server as the storage location. The TEMS connects directly to the WPA and the agent is not involved in the data transfer.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: ITM - WPA - Historical data collection

    Thanks John for your reply.