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Pinned topic my ibm t43 wont boot up and run properly any help welcome and appreciated

‏2012-08-01T16:38:52Z |
hi just wondering if anyone could help, when i try to open my ibm t43 laptop,it will not boot up passed the windows symbol section and goes to a scrolling screen saying check CHKDSK/F, but it wont let me access any programs that allow me to deactivate or reactivate my antivirus,it just keeps scrolling then rebooting to the beginning screen again and repeating same errors if this makes any sence to anyone, im now online using my other t43 laptop, ive tried making a back up and recovery disk on cd and tried inserting that into my faulty t43 and now got the basic ibm rescue and restore page with different configurements on it but im not sure how to go any further to try and restart it, i know there isnt any virus's on it as it has avg2012 installed on it and i think that may be stopping my hard drive from working/booting up