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‏2012-07-31T14:30:31Z |

We have a simple Webservice proxy with 3 (request, response, error) rules in firmware version

In the request rule we have a match action * followed by a reusable rule (containing 3 actions - 1. custom xform 2. AAA action 3. log action). In the first xform action, we create a uuid and store in a custom context. When there is an error in AAA action say if the WS Security username and passwords configured in AAA Policy do not match with what has been sent in the SOAP Payload error rule is fired.

As part of the error rule processing, the uuid stored in custom context of the first custom xform action is available in firmware version However when we upgraded to, when the AAA is failed, error rule is clearing our custom contexts and we are loosing the uuid generated. Agreed that I can generate a new uuid in error rule, however if there is an issue in the backend services, whatever uuid that has been sent to the backend is not available in the error rule. This problem is visible in firmware.

Has anyone encountered this issue ? if so, could you pls let us know the resolution if fixed.
Thanks very much in advance,