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Pinned topic Problem with DB2 RightScale ServerTemplate Usage

‏2012-07-31T12:03:48Z |

(cross-posted from the DB2 forum on Rightscale)

I'm new to using RightScale, but long term DB2 user.

I have cloned the DB2 Express-C template, but not modified it as yet (later I will want to add a stage to download my DDL via git from Bitbucket and execute it).

I've set up two devices as requested (for config and data) and launched the server. For testing I created a database. I then relaunched the server.

The relaunch worked fine. However I notice that I'm now back to a fresh install. I see from AWS that instead of reusing the volumes it used originally it has created a second set of two volumes and mounted these instead. The original two volumes are still around on AWS EBS.

What am I doing wrong ?


Phil Nelson