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I whish to now if there is a way to manage cross oracle schemas foreign keys between two tables, having them transformed into a logical model.
I have a customer who wants to transform two logical packages into two different oracle schemas due to relationships between two (or more) entities contained into logical packages. This is because they have two (or more) tables into oracle belongs to two different schemas.

The problem during the logical to physical transformation is that, having a single schema into the wizard to which tranform the logical model, will create all tables and relationship into a single schema.
Even if you create a separate schema to replicate the configuration that they have into Oracle, the next logical to physical transformation will "reunite" the tables into a single schema.

Is there a workaround or a practice to manage the "cross schema" Foreign Keys?

Marco Way
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    Re: Cross Schema Foreign Keys Management

    Hi Marco,

    There already exists an RFE filed to support transform from multiple packages to multiple schemas and vice-versa.

    I am afraid there is no workaround for this issue today.


    • Hemant