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Pinned topic WBI JTextadapter failed to start - check queue manager is started ?

‏2012-07-30T05:46:48Z |
This might be a simple one for you expert out there. We are in the process of replacing WBI JTextadapter with JCA adapters. However, the WBI JTextAdapter failed to start on the new WID 7.0 TestEnv on my new laptop. The server is started and the new endpoint is 5559 instead of 5558 in the WID 6.0 TestEnv (it was on my old laptop).

server->port -> SIB_MQ_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS 5559

So I have changed the jms.MessageBrokerName value to 5559 in GCUF_JTextConnector.cfg

<tns:value xml:space="preserve">WBIA_QM:WBIA.JMS.SVRCONN:localhost:5559</tns:value>
<tns:description>The broker name to use for the JMS provider</tns:description>
<tns:updateMethod>component restart</tns:updateMethod>

But I got the following error:

Time: 2012/07/29 23:21:46.377 System: ConnectorAgent SS: GCUF_JTextConnector Thread: wbia_main (#2044844231) Type: Trace JMSWMQ0018: Failed to connect to queue manager 'WBIA_QM' with connection mode 'Client' and host name 'localhost(5559)'. Check the queue manager is started and if running in client mode, check there is a listener running. Please see the linked exception for more information.

I am not sure which queue manager should be started ? Appreciate any help.