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Pinned topic Trial for v7.0.1.0-003?

‏2012-07-27T09:04:14Z |
I see that PurifyPlus has finally been updated to support x64 applications, which was one of the reasons I hadn't purchased a license. However, the trial download is still for, so there is no way to test the x64 functionality with the trial version. Is there a way to update the trial to v7.0.1.0-003, or to download a newer trial version?


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    Re: Trial for v7.0.1.0-003?

    Hi Daniel,

    You're right. The trial software is still iFix 001. If you'd
    like a trial copy of iFix 003, which supports 64-bit Windows apps,
    please contact your local IBM sales team. If you're not sure who to call,
    you can use the 1-800-728-1212 number in the US and Canada.

    Best regards,