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‏2012-07-26T11:23:45Z |
Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience of using the migration toolkit on RAD

That what I have access to at our site rather than 7.5 unfortunately.

I try and install version 3.5 of the toolkit using Help > Software Updates >Find and Install > Search for new...

I add a new archived site pointing at the zip file, which adds OK, but when I click finish to complete the instalaltion I get a network error access the file, despite the file being on my C drive where RAD is installed.

Network connection problems encountered during search.
Unable to access "jar:file:C:/ftp/!/".
Unable to access site: "jar:file:C:/ftp/!/" no entry name specified
Unable to access site: "jar:file:C:/ftp/!/" no entry name specified

The same zip installed OK into the basic eclipse IDE but we have code already in RSA hence my desire to use that.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tim
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    Re: Installation on RAD

    Hello Tim, I acquired RAD 7007 and gave this a try. I got past the initial installation problem by unzipping into a directory then chosing to install from an update site pointing to that directory. However I then found that RAD 7007 does not have the necessary prerequisites, so the tool will not install.

    We suggest you use eclipse to do the analysis, then reimport the code back into RAD.