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Pinned topic How to make the changes made on my client notes available for all users?

‏2012-07-25T03:39:17Z |

I making some UI Design changes on my names.nsf and contacts.nsf default forms and views of my user ID that I created on a server that I am maintaining.
I am the administrator of the server. My changes that I can make in the Domino Designer are only visible if I login with my user credentials. How to make these changes reflect on all the others users. Since each application is specific to the user ID, how to make the other users download the nsf file and get the changes in their lotus notes client as well? I am not using xpages and I have written my code in lotus script.
Thanks a lot!

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    Re: How to make the changes made on my client notes available for all users?

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    Hello Shalini,

    The forum where you have posted your questions is primarily for those who have questions about using the developerWorks site itself. There are several active forums for Notes/Domino here, depending on which version you are using; you would have a better chance of getting the answers you want if you were to post your question in one of them:

    Let us know if we can be of additional assistance.

    Jeff Antley
    developerWorks Feedback Team