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I am using ITCAM for MQ 7.01.01 on AIX for alerting. I have been asked to start tracking historical data for all of the queues. I just need to know what historical data option I need to turn on to start collecting this information?

When I go to the history collection configuration I don't see a MQSERIES option, I only see WebSphere MQ. This seems very odd to me, because it's called MQSERIES in the Situation Editor, but I'm not sure if this is a problem. So, I have set pruning and summariztion for all of the groups. I have turned on multiple groups to track historical data, collection interval 15 minutes, collection location TEMA, warehouse interval 1 hour. The groups I have running are:

MQ Action Log, MQ Channel Statistics, MQ Queue Statistics, MQI Call Statistics Details, MQI Statistics, Message Manager Long-Term History, Message Statistics, Queue Accounting, Queue Data, Queue Definitions, Queue Handle Status, Queue Long Term History, Queue Status

Ideally I would want the minimum groups running, but I can't seem to get any of these to record historical. If someone could point me to a doc that explains what each group records I'd appreciate it, or if you could just help me find what group I need to turn on to record queue statistics I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: ITCAM for MQ Historical

    You are right to use the "WebSphere MQ" for History Connection Configuration and I seems your config process is okay. But I can' see you did the configuration for "Distribution", so I put the online help information here for your reference.

    This is where you indicate the distribution method and the managed systems to collect historical data from. When distribution is to the Managed System (Agent), you select the managed systems and managed system groups yourself. Or you can rely on the distribution of a historical configuration group that this historical collection belongs to. The Managed System method enables you to selectively deactivate collection at any time by moving managed systems out of the Start collection on list (or out of the historical configuration group's Distributions).

    Click Edit Managed System Groups to open the Object Group editor for creating and editing managed system groups.

    A dimmed managed system or managed system group in the Start collection on list indicates that the distribution is coming from a historical configuration group. You can right-click the name and click Show Groups to list the historical groups the managed system (or managed system group) is a member of. Click Group to open the Object Group editor to add a collection definition to a historical group, edit the managed system distribution for a group, or to create a new historical group; then return here to continue working with historical collection definitions.

    If you choose to distribute to the Managing System (TEMS), data collection is started on all agents that connect to the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server. Distribution to the managing system renders the collection definition ineligible for membership to a historical configuration group and the Group button is disabled.
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    Re: ITCAM for MQ Historical

    "WebSphere MQ" is correct. Attribute group "Queue Long Term History" is for historical collection for queue statistics. Note that you need to set HISTORY(YES) and set STATISTICS(YES) in <hostname>_mq_<qmgr>.cfg under your ITM installation directory so that some important columns can have meaningful values.
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    Re: ITCAM for MQ Historical

    Just had a PMR with IBM over this, since the answers everyone was giving weren't the answer. In order to get historical data you have to have everything turned on that was discussed here. Then to see it you go to Queue Statistics in TEP, select the queue, right click, choose Link To, and choose Historical Queue Statistics. Then you can adjust the historical period you're looking for. Thanks to the guys that attempted to help.