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Pinned topic Mq cluster and FTE Topology questions

‏2012-07-24T13:19:11Z |
Does anyone knows if , using MQCLUSTER and the coordination , command and agent queue manager All are cluster members a failover is possible to another coordination or command queue manager?

More over , can the FTE client run with channel table?
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    Re: Mq cluster and FTE Topology questions

    This is all documented in the Info Center. FTE fully supports multi-instance QMs for all QM types. But the agent and the associated FTE commands get their connection information from the various properties files, not a channel table. MQ Clusters are fully sopported. FTE command and agents are what is typically referred to as "well behaved MQ application" that is these do nothing the limit or prohibit any sort of WMQ topology. You have to ensure that your topology is appropriate for the messaging traffic and that messages can route between the required endpoints, the queues on the QMs supporting that action. This is also well documented in the Info Center.