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Pinned topic C-SPOC - create volume group - missing last disk

‏2012-07-24T13:05:15Z |
I have AIX 6.1 TL07 SP04 installed to LPARs on a couple of P770s.
The storage is nSeries and we are presenting LUNs via NPIV.
PowerHA v7.1.1. SP02

I have installed PowerHA.
I have configured cluster, nodes, networks, network interfaces, repository, and multicast IP.
Verify and synch is ok.

I now want to create my volume groups on the shared disks via CSPOC.
I go to smitty cspoc - storage - volume groups - create a volume group - select either node
It only gives me the option of selecting 5 out of the 6 disks. It sees hdisk 5-9 but not hdisk10.
hdisk11 is my repository disk.
If i go to smitty cspoc - storage - physical volumes - list all shared physical volumes - it shows all of the disks i would expect to see - hdisk5-11.

I have compared hdisk10 with the rest of the disks and there is no configuration difference.

I have another newly built cluster with the exact same issue.

Any ideas?
(I have also opened a PMR)
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    Re: C-SPOC - create volume group - missing last disk

    since cspoc is not necessary for any lvm task, bugs sometimes stay undiscoverd in there for a long time. my personal opinion.
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    Re: C-SPOC - create volume group - missing last disk

    I used the cl_mkvg command to work-around the issue.
    I've kept the PMR open as it's obviously still a bug in the pick-list in cspoc.