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Pinned topic WebContainer's Thread pool going under minimum

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We're deploying a new webapp with huge ajax use. The first ajax requests are going really fast, but in order that the system is being used the performance is going down. The iseries CPU's usage is under 10%, and the VM has a lot of free heap. I thought that the webcontainer's threading configuation would impact on an ajax app with lots of calls, but my surprise is than having a min/max of 25/50 threads the system monitor says that this thread pool has a poolsize of 11 and 0 active threads (screenshot is attached ).
Does someone know any reason for having that numbers under the limits?

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    Re: WebContainer's Thread pool going under minimum

    It's not evident to me that this question is related to Web Experience Factory. This forum is for discussion of IBM Web Experience Factory and developing portlets/applications using Web Experience Factory. You may find better support for this specific question on one of the WebSphere App Server forums.

    That said, it doesn't sound like your problem here is a server side performance problem. From your description, your app server does not appear to be thread bound, memory bound, or CPU bound. Perhaps something else in the environment is the bottleneck - a http server, a proxy, the client browser? I would recommend using some performance analysis tools to examine what is happening to these AJAX requests. You might start with Firebug or the tools offered in Chrome. These provide some decent level of information about the requests and the server response time. Additionally, I might recommend dynatrace.
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    Re: WebContainer's Thread pool going under minimum

    Sorry, reading "Installation, Configuration and Deployment" I thought that this one was a good place for my question.