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Pinned topic Db inconsistency error.

‏2012-07-24T12:00:27Z |
Some error occured in catalog export script:

CWCUS0001E:Message: Too many values returned by GenCtgItdItemDetail.getByIdVersion(...). 2012-07-24 15:46:29,763 ERROR: Source) Source) Source) Source)$1.getByID(Unknown Source) Source) ...

this code resulted an error:


boolean catalogExport(CatalogExportFunctionArguments inArgs) 


for (Item item : inArgs.getItems()) 
{ processItem(item, sb); 

Seems some primaryKeys are not so primary. How to resolve this problem?
Does anyone encountered this sort of error?
Or i have to open PMR?
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    Re: Db inconsistency error.


    Seems, problem was in one item, that was incorrectly saved(maybe version id column did not changed properly while saving). Dunno how this happened, but i've founded that item, manually saved it in UI, and problem disappears.

    This helps(google cache) find WPC00032110 there

    I have made report that checked each item in search query(one search for each item pk). When error occurs, item pk and its display name(to richsearch after for save) was logged.

    select item from catalog(
    'Item Catalog') where =