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Pinned topic Rational PurifyPlus crashes on Win7 Pro with VS2008 C++ app

‏2012-07-24T08:26:13Z |
Hi everybody,
After installing successfully Rational PurifyPlus on a windows 7 Pro 32bits machine, I cannot succeed in executing a purified simple VS2008 C++ application, without crashing systematically the purify GUI itself !
My original target was to use VS2010. After having this problem, I downgraded my expectations to VS2008, yet to get the same result.
The purify GUI app (purifyw.exe) crashes with the error code C000005.

I tried with simple console app as well as unmanaged code windows service, none works.
The purifying of the executable seems to be ok though, only execution crashes purify !

Am I missing any environment variable, or any specific setup ?
I already used the setup as described in the "Recommended Settings for Microsoft Visual Studio to use with PurifyPlus when building from the command line" (, no improvement...

Thanks for your help !
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    Re: Rational PurifyPlus crashes on Win7 Pro with VS2008 C++ app

    Hi Gilles,

    1. Purify itself is crashing? Try disabling your anti-virus
    software to see if the problem persists. The problem may
    be the fact that Purify "acts a lot like a virus". A good
    virus, of course. :-)

    2. Are you running Purify as "administrator"? That's critical
    on Windows 7. (If you don't run as "administrator",
    Purify shouldn't crash. But in general, you get the best
    results when running as "administrator".)

    The fact that Purify fails even on a simple console app implies
    that there is something in your environment that is causing
    Purify to fail (i.e., it's NOT the app itself).

    Contact Tech Support, perhaps?