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Pinned topic Error failed dispatching QeueItem

‏2012-07-23T04:43:43Z |
Hi All,

We are working in 4.5 CE environment.I have added a subscription for a class on Update Event. I have coded EventAction. This EventAction is simple in onEvent function there is only one sop. I am gettig this error every-time we are updating a property.

INFO Method parameter 0 type is:
2012-07-12T05:49:39.618Z 375B375B EVNT FNRCE0000I - INFO Method parameter 1 type is: com.filenet.api.util.Id
2012-07-12T05:49:39.618Z 375B375B EVNT FNRCE0000I - INFO Method: onEvent is found from class:
2012-07-12T05:49:39.618Z 375B375B ASYN FNRCE0323E - ERROR Failed dispatching QueueItem row {96A90D02-B67E-41FA-8834-7DD1D39B6B39}
com.filenet.api.exception.EngineRuntimeException: EVENT_HANDLER_THREW: The Event handler threw an exception.
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.SubscriptionProcessor.executeHandler(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.SubscriptionProcessor.execute(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.EventQueueItemHandler.execute(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.EventQueueItemHandler$
at com.filenet.engine.context.CallState.doAs(
at com.filenet.engine.context.CallState.doAs(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.EventQueueItemHandler.executeAs(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.QueueItemExecutor.loadAndExecuteQueuedRow(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.QueueExecutor.dispatchQueuedRow(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.QueueExecutor.dispatchEvent(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.QueueExecutor.execute(
at com.filenet.engine.tasks.BackgroundTask.safeExecute(
at com.filenet.engine.tasks.BackgroundTask.access$000(
at com.filenet.engine.tasks.BackgroundTask$
at com.filenet.engine.context.CallState.doAsSystem(
at com.filenet.engine.jca.workmgr.ThreadPool$
Caused by:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at com.filenet.engine.queueitem.SubscriptionProcessor.executeHandler(
... 16 more

Please help us to resolve this.
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    Re: Error failed dispatching QeueItem

    I don't know what causes that, but I have a couple of questions about it. Is you event handler class in a CodeModule or on the appserver classpath? If in a CodeModule, does the CodeModule contain anything other than a single Java class? If on the appserver classpath, do you also have a copy of Jace.jar on the classpath?