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Pinned topic Use of applicationMonitor MBean by third parties

‏2012-07-21T18:52:02Z |

In the InfoCenter section on controlling dynamic updates we mention a setting on the applicationMonitor element that sets the updateTrigger to mbean to allow notifications to be sent to a running liberty profile appserver.

Do we support this MBean to be used by third parties and do we have documentation of that mbean's interface? I looked in the InfoCenter, but wasn't able to find it.

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    Re: Use of applicationMonitor MBean by third parties

    Hi Gerhard,
    The infocenter has been updated to include all the MBeans and you will find an example of how to access the application mbean at this link:
    The mbean has a restart() method which can be used to cause the server to load any updates; the ajavadoc can be found in the wlp/dev/ibm-api/javadoc/ file (in the latest version of the 8.5 download).

    Use of this mbean by third parties is fully supported.

    Regards, Alex.