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Pinned topic Unable to start z1090

‏2012-07-20T16:41:02Z |
Hi All,

We are not able to start the z1090 emulator when we give awsstart command we see following output:

IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT) Licensed Materials - Property of IBM 5799-ADE (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2007   All Rights Reserved. z1090, version 1-, build date - 09/20/10 

for Linux on SuSE 64bit AWSSTA014I Map file name specified: aprof13 AWSSTA204I zPDT started in directory 
'/usr/z1090/bin'. AWSSTA146I Starting independent 1090 instance 
'ibmsys1' OSA code level = 0x4101 TUNSETIFF failed: Operation not permitted Socket Create error - no root authority? 1 allocate tunnel error Lan driver Init Failure !!! Lan driver Init Failure !!! AWSEMI314I CPU 0 zPDTA License Obtained Chpid Number A0 Has stopped - Max retry exceeded !! Chpid Number F0 Has stopped - Max retry exceeded !! AWSSTA125I System shutdown in progress ... AWSSTA052E Initialization of OSA failed, RC=-4 AWSSTA143I Shutdown complete AWSSTA140E Initialization failure

Please help us in this regard.

Shajeel Ahmed Khan
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    Re: Unable to start z1090

    This looks like an installation problem. Please reinstall the zPDT emulator and try again. Pay attention to the details in zPDT Redbook Vol 2, particularly as they pertain to userids and authority levels used for the various steps. Make sure you tailor the system files as directed and that you set the correct file permissions and owners for your system files.