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Pinned topic RM API issues - attempting to move & re-class records using api's -- help!!

‏2012-07-20T15:23:06Z |
I need to know how I can right a simple api to move / refile records, re-classify them.

The moving and classifying them is not that hard however when I do this the old security still falls on the document -- is there anyway that when I move the document I can clean the old security off.

If I need to program that into the API what would the syntax for that code be?

Thanks everyone for your help - appriciated in advance.

Best regards,

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    Re: RM API issues - attempting to move & re-class records using api's -- help!!

    ‏2012-08-06T15:48:40Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    In the RMAPI, the RecordInfo Interface has a move method that will move the record to a new record container in the file plan. You specify the current location, the new location, and the reason for the move. The current location is needed since the record may be multi-filed and IER needs to know which container to move it from. The Link below provides additional information.,%20com.filenet.rm.api.RMRecordContainer,%20java.lang.String)