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Pinned topic Problem in giving asstart command on Linux Terminal

‏2012-07-20T15:05:37Z |
Hi All,

We are not able to start the z1090 emulator when we give awsstart command we see following output:

IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT) Licensed Materials - Property of IBM 5799-ADE (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2007   All Rights Reserved.   z1090, version 1-, build date - 09/20/10 

for Linux on SuSE 64bit   AWSSTA014I Map file name specified: aprof13 AWSSTA204I zPDT started in directory 
'/usr/z1090/bin'. AWSSTA146I Starting independent 1090 instance 
'ibmsys1' OSA code level = 0x4101   TUNSETIFF failed: Operation not permitted Socket Create error - no root authority? 1 allocate tunnel error Lan driver Init Failure !!! Lan driver Init Failure !!! AWSEMI314I CPU 0 zPDTA License Obtained Chpid Number A0 Has stopped - Max retry exceeded !! Chpid Number F0 Has stopped - Max retry exceeded !! AWSSTA125I System shutdown in progress ... AWSSTA052E Initialization of OSA failed, RC=-4 AWSSTA143I Shutdown complete AWSSTA140E Initialization failure

Please help us in this regard.
Shajeel Ahmed Khan