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Pinned topic Question on detecting connected iphone/ipad devices

‏2012-07-20T14:42:30Z |
Good Morning,

My work has a policy that we cannot connect non work issues devices to our work computers. As a result I have the following analysis setup to detect rogue usb devices:

If (exists string values whose (it as lowercase starts with "usbstor") of selects "PNPDeviceID from Win32_DiskDrive" of wmi)Then ((((if exists string value of property "Model" of it then string value of property "Model" of it else "n/a"), (if exists string value of property "PNPDeviceID" of it then (following texts of lasts "\" of preceding texts of lasts "&" of string values whose(it as lowercase starts with "usbstor") of property "PNPDeviceID" of it) else "n/a")) of (select objects "Model,PNPDeviceID from Win32_DiskDrive" of wmi)) as string)Else ("No USB Storage Devices Connected")

This analysis works great when used with a web report white list but unfortunately it does not detect iphone/ipads.

Can anyone help me write a new analysis or modify this current analysis to catch connected iphone/ipads?