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Pinned topic PublishEvent is crashing the browser

‏2012-07-20T10:39:50Z |
I have few questions regarding the custom widget in Case Manager 5.1
1) I am using dijit in custom widgets, so render that properly in container parsing the container
but why this is required as internally case widgets do not parse.

2) I have created a Custom Case List widget to display the data in table format using dojox.grid.DataGrid.
In a custom case list widget i just want to publish the Event so that i can use the result data in another widget but when I am publishing an event the browser is getting hanged

code which I have written is :
var dataStore = new{data:resultData});
var grid = dijit.byId("gridId");
grid.setStore(dataStore) ;

// publish an event

this.iContext.iEvents.publishEvent("event id ",payload,payloadType); // crashing at this point

Please suggest me how to resolve that error.
Pankaj Gupta
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    Re: PublishEvent is crashing the browser

    It's not clear that this relates to Mashup Center but I will forward the issue to the IMC Lotus Widget team so see if anyone can help. I recommend, however, you look for support from the Case Manager team