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Pinned topic Security Question (ACF2) for ITCAM MS

‏2012-07-19T16:43:13Z |
Apologies for an incoherent post.

I have a 6.1 z/OS Data Collector gathering performance on a 7.0 z/OS WAS, and I have a 6.1 zLinux Managing Server to present the data. We use ACF2 security on the mainframe.

When I had installed this (late last year), I specified local security. Now, I need to have authentication done by the z/OS ACF2 product. (BTW, we don't have ACF2 on the zVM.) LDAP was the suggestion with the possibility of adding PAM to zLinux.

My day job is CICS, and I don't know where to start here.

BTW, what is the latest release for the MS and the z/OS DC?

Many thanks,