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Pinned topic Missing data in some OS agent reports (TCR 2.1 - Cognos reports)

‏2012-07-19T13:59:01Z |
I have an issue with some OS agent Cognos reports ver 6.2.3. My environment is TCR 2.1, I also have System P reports ver 6.2.2 IF2 installed.

For example when I run the OS agent report "Utilization Report For Single Resource" I get the error :

QE-DEF-0359 The query contains a reference to at least one object 'TCR Shared Dimensions.Time.Standard Timestamp' that does not exist.QE-DEF-0030 Expression parsing error.QE-DEF-0359 .....

I have other reports that work fine, example Utilization\CPU Utilization for Single Resource.
I have System P reports ver 6.2.2 IF2 which all work fine too.

I've installed the stored procedures and created the Resource Dimension Table.
Can someone guide me as to why I could be getting the above error.

Thanks, Rafiq.
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    Re: Missing data in some OS agent reports (TCR 2.1 - Cognos reports)

    The attribute in question TCR Shared Dimensions.Time.Standard Timestamp is a valid one and but this kind of error usually happens due to incorrect report design for this particular report. For example, if there are master and child lists and you are accessing a master item within the child without enabling the corresponding property in Cognos Report Studio.

    In my test environment, this particular report is working fine but then it is a different version level (6.2.3).

    Since this is happening in built-in OS agent reports, I would suggest you to open up a PMR with IBM.

    with warm regards,
    Venkat Saranathan.
    Gulf Breeze Software.