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Pinned topic Can't connect to Dallas RTC server for user EM4Z13

‏2012-07-18T21:14:11Z |
From the Work Item perspective I right click the connect "EM4Z13@EMSandbox" and select "Login" and get the following error:
CRJAZ6002E Failed to log into 'EMSandbox'
CRJAZ0098I The "{/ccm/service/}" service failed. The server returned the HTTP error 500 with error text "Internal Server Error".
CRJAZ1918E A serious error occurred indicating a server configuration problem. The server received a request for JAuth authentication, but was unable to find or load the service that handles the authentication request. The server is mis-configured, and is probably showing other errors as well. Consult the system logs for further information on why this authentication service is unavailable.
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    Re: Can't connect to Dallas RTC server for user EM4Z13

    Additional info: this is for the Enterprise Modernization Sandbox for System Z, running the "Accelerate Core Banking Transformation" scenario. Using RTCz and RDZ.