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Pinned topic Removing Depreciated Definitions

‏2012-07-18T15:05:34Z |
I haven't seen a discussion on this in the forum anywhere and I'm sure there are others with this question.

Has anyone come across shortcuts for removing unused and unrelated definitions? I've got a sizeable encyclopaedia that contains many definitions that are no longer used. One of the primary offenders is BPMN Process because users create and adjust process models and removing the symbol from a diagram orphans it.

I can think of a few ways of discovering which should be removed:
1) Scrolling through the list and using the references view
2) Creating an explorer report of relations, delete unrelated and replace all processes on the explorer.
3) Create a report - have had limited success in doing so.

Are there any other shortcuts you've discovered? Is there another view I'm missing?

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    Re: Removing Depreciated Definitions

    I have had success in the past by checking out the diagrams, make sure to include subordinate definitions. Then when you open the list of definitions in the Explorer all the definitions that belong to that diagram will also be checked out. The definitions that are not checked out do not belong to any diagrams and are therefore not used. This does not identify the unrelated definitions only those not used on the diagrams.
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    Re: SA Removing Depreciated Definitions Suggestions


    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for removing depreciated/orphaned definitions in a encyclopedia?

    We've had some success running the cleanup.mac view(s) and the dictionary verify.  SystemAdmin's suggestion to check out each diagram and include the definitions is a great idea.  Does anyone have any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your help



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    Re: Removing Depreciated Definitions



    I found the following technote about running a report to find un-referenced definitions in an encyclopedia.

    In Report Generator,  the report has a "Properties to Print.." requirement.

    Here you can "add" Name and Type properties to show for the report.

    There is also a "Properties to sort" option at the bottom of the screen.

    If you "check" Type to sort on, this should put all the Types, like Business Process definition for example, together in the  column of the report.

    Hope this helps.

    Frank O'Keefe