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Pinned topic TBSMProfile crashes automatically

‏2012-07-18T09:14:24Z |

I have TBSM 6.1 installed on RHEL box. By mistake system admin rebooted the system with all application in running state.
Now my TBSMProfile is unable to start that it starts and crashes down automatically.

I have tried restarting the tbsmsuite, however no luck. Before everything was running fine. Please find attached trace logs. Please open file in notepad or wordpad as I have openoffice with me, hence extension as .odt

Request you to suggest.


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    Re: TBSMProfile crashes automatically

    The issue is with TBSM Data Server connecting to DB2. Is DB2 running after the restart. It is not started by I cannot see the full reason for the DB2 connection failure because only a snipper of the logs were posted. I would check the DB2 connection and if that is ok, check the full error message in the logs. Other places with good information when DB2 connection fails is the netcool.log under tbsm\logs directory.