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Pinned topic Problem in opening catalog script

‏2012-07-18T05:38:12Z |

In context of WPC IBM MDM I am having problem in opening up the catalog script eg: Post Process & Post Save script. Some time it opens up after a long wait say(10/15 min) or some time times it do not open at all(It shows only the rotating circle at the center). But the other scripts are opening fast. I have already flushed chache and restart the server several times but got no improved result.I dont know the exact reason but I guess it is not due to any network issue.

Any help is appriciated. Thanks in advance
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  • babinag
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    Re: Problem in opening catalog script

    Hi KunalD.

    Seems you docstore works very slow sometimes. Maybe you need to start "docstore maintenance" script.

    Check this docstore maintenance
  • KaranBal
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    Re: Problem in opening catalog script

    The docstore is a table in your database, and like any other table you have to do regular maintenance on it. Please defragment and reorganize your docstore. If that doesn't help review the docstore maintenance section of the information center for suggestions. If even that doesn't work, open a PMR:
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    Re: Problem in opening catalog script

    Hi Kunal,

    Apart from trying out Docstore maintenance script, can you try opening Catalog scripts from "Scripting Console" if you are facing issues while opening them from "Catalog Attributes Page" and see if it helps.