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Pinned topic Unable to start ORCHESTRATE network connectio

‏2012-07-17T16:42:00Z |
Running numerous Jobs on Datastage 7 , had been ok untill last week, we are now receiving randomly withing any job at any time:

BASIC_Transformer_Exchange,0: Fatal Error: Unable to start ORCHESTRATE network connection on node node1 (saildx1p): APT_PMConnectionSetup:: operator 5(parallel DSOutput in BASIC_Transformer_Exchange)timed out with 1 incomplete incoming connections. processmgr/newconnect.C:653

ANy information , we uped the time out parm. went from 2 nodes to 1 nodes in tyhe default.apt config file, recycled the server ...

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    Re: Unable to start ORCHESTRATE network connectio


    The following technote may help:


    P.S. Depending on your version, DataStage 7 is either no longer officially supported, or will not be as of 30 April 2013. Please see:

    Please consider upgrading to the latest version to continue to receive support. IBM has a free offering to help you with that migration. Please see