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Pinned topic ITACM produt as an alternative to Gomez

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We have multiple geographically distributed data centers. We are looking for a product which we could use to monitor web application availability and response time tracking. Plan is to monitor one data center from the other (eg.. US data center from Japan.) using a Tivoli product and there by cut the cost for Gomez URL response time tracking. - Thanks
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    Re: ITACM produt as an alternative to Gomez

    The Robotic Response Time portion of ITCAM for Transactions can definitely do that (by creating synthetic transactions with the included Rational Performance Tester and replaying them on "playback" systems on a schedule). Additionally, there are components that can be placed on your web servers and application servers to give you more detailed information from within the applications. The technical documentation can be found here:

    Basically, the installation would consist of the base IBM Tivoli Monitoring components (TEMS, TEPS, TDW), and then you would install additional ITM-based ITCAM agents on each of the "playback" machines (and also some on the TEMS and/or TEPS). You would also have to install Rational Performance Tester on one or more machines where you will perform the recording.


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