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Java troubleshooting with WebSphere Application Server for Developers

On click of Start your sandbox session now, I am getting "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage "

I have downloaed the latest Receiver for windows 3.2. I am using windox XP.

Please advice.
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    Re: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


    Assuming that your copy of Citrix Receiver installed correctly, I suspect your firewall may be blocking the connection. Can you adjust / modify your security policy / firewall settings? If so, make sure the following ports are open in the firewall to allow Citrix internet traffic to pass through to communicate with the Citrix Server:

    TCP/IP Port 1494 (INBOUND)
    Important note: In environments where Session Reliability is enabled, TCP/IP port 2598 replaces port 1494 as the port that the ICA protocol uses. See this blog post for more detail. TCP/IP Port 443 (INBOUND & OUTBOUND) UDP Port 1604 (INBOUND & OUTBOUND) To reconfigure the Windows XP SP2 firewall to allow Citrix traffic to pass through:

    Click Start, Run, and enter wscui.cpl.
    Click the Windows Firewall icon.
    The Windows Firewall window is displayed.
    Make sure Don’t allow exceptions is deselected.
    From the Exceptions tab, click Add Port.
    The Add a Port dialog box is displayed. Enter any name in the Name field, enter 1494 in the Port field, and select TCP.
    Repeat to add ports 443 (TCP) and 1604 (UDP).
    Click Exit to exit Windows Firewall setup.
    Log on to the Citrix Server again.