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‏2012-07-17T04:43:44Z |
In order to be able to help better and more concisely, please consider adding as much information as possible based on the following template.

Operation System: Windows/Linux/Mac/etc, version, 32/64 bit
Java: Oracle/IBM, version, 32/64 bit
Database: MySQL/Oracle/DB2/etc

If working on an Application Server:
Server type: WAS/Tomcat/Liberty
Worklight jar: version
Worklight plug-in (with which the project was built): version

Installation type: Developer/Consumer/Enterprise Edition
Eclipse: Classic or JEE, version
Worklight plug-in (with which the project was built): version
Environment details: iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WindowsPhone/Mobile Web/Facebook/iGoogle/Air/Dashboard/Windows Gadgets, version, device/emulator
  • On iOS devices: Settings > General > About > Version.
  • On Android devices: Settings > About phone > Software information > Android version.

More information:
Reproduction steps
3rd party libraries
Logs: Worklight server.log, Eclipse errors, Android's LogCat, Xcode's Console log)
  • If using WAS Liberty, collect the <install_dir>/server/wlp/usr/servers/worklightServer/logs file(s)
  • If using WAS, collect the standard WAS logs (especially SystemOut.log)
  • Collect the <eclipse_workspace>/.metadata/.log file
  • Collect the <eclipse_workspace>/WorklightServerHome/<project_name>/log files (audit.log, error.log, and server.log)

When adding code snippets
Please use services such as: or