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Pinned topic Basic class loader question for OSGi

‏2012-07-16T06:33:41Z |
Hi, I have 2 OCGi projects. Project-A is a Web app and Project-B contains a web-fragment. Project-B's web-fragment.xml declares a ServletListener and the class is also packaged in Project-B. However at server startup, it is Project-A that starts the ServletListener. I am getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. I need Project-A to be able to load the class in Project-B but preferably without having to configure a dependency from Project-A to Project-B. Is there some kind of class loader setting for the EBA similar to EAR's where you can tell it to use a single class loader for all modules in the application?

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    Re: Basic class loader question for OSGi

    Hi Nebu,
    I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your post. Is project-B a bundle in its own right, or a fragment bundle that attaches to bundle-A?