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Pinned topic Find out who has lock for sections in shareable edit mode?

‏2012-07-13T17:54:21Z |
I wrote a simple Layout DXL that basically shows me the locked state of every object in shareable edit mode. However its a bit limited. I know if things are locked, and I know if the current user has a lock.
Does anyone know of a way to find out who has a lock if canLock() fails?


pragma encoding, "UTF-8"

// See if we can lock the object, if we can then it is unlocked
if (canLock(obj)) then
// See if we have the lock or someone else has it.
if (isLockedByUser(obj)) then
string Me = doorsname()
display("Locked by " Me)

So instead of printing Locked in the last else, I would like,

string LockedBy = doorsLockedByUser???
display("Locked by " LockedBy)

  • Tom
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    Re: Find out who has lock for sections in shareable edit mode?

    Anyone? I guess it can't be done?

    I know Doors knows who has the lock if you click a locked item, just wish it was exposed in DXL.
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    Re: Find out who has lock for sections in shareable edit mode?


    Here is some unfinished work I did a few years ago. I have a nagging memory that you could not find out if someone else ALSO had the module open Shared.

    string LockModes[] = {"0-lockRemoved", "1-lockShare", "2-lockWrite"}
    string    BuildLockInfo(Lock lck)
    {     // build a string summarizing the lock
            Item    itm      = lck.item
            string  NameFull         = fullName(itm)
            string  UserLock     = lck.user
            string  ResourceLock = lck.resourceName
            string  Computer         =
            int     ProcessID        = lck.connectionId
            string          ID               =
            int     Mode             = lck.lockMode
            Date    DateLock     =
            return("User: " UserLock " \t" Computer " \t'" ResourceLock "'("NameFull ") \t" LockModes[Mode] " \t" ProcessID "\t" DateLock "")
    }     // end BuildLockInfo()
            Lock    lockItem
            string  UserLock, ResourceLock, ErrMess
            LockList        llist = getLocksInFolder(folder ("/"), true, true)
            for lockItem in llist do
            {  print BuildLockInfo(lockItem) "\n"



    void    PrintLocksInModule(ModName_ mn)
            LockList        lcklst = getLocksInModule(mn,false)
            Lock    lck
            string  s, NameUser, lt, scnResTemp = ""
            int     i
            User    usr
            print "before loop\n"
            for lck in lcklst do
               print "in loop\n"
               s = lck.user
               i = lck.lockMode
               if     (i == lockShare)      lt = "Shareable"
               elseif (i == lockWrite)      lt = "Exclusive"
               elseif (i == lockRemoved)    lt = "Removed"
               else                         lt = "Bad LockMode Found: [" i "]"
               if (existsUser(s))
                  usr = find(s)
                  NameUser = usr.fullName
                  if (NameUser == null)
                       NameUser = "No FullName"
               scnResTemp = scnResTemp s "\t\t" NameUser "\t\t\t" lt "\n"
            print "[" scnResTemp "]\n"
    }    // end PrintLocksInModule()
    Module  mCurr = current
    ModName_        mn = module(fullName(mCurr))



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  • BeastBoysDad
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    Re: Find out who has lock for sections in shareable edit mode?


    Try this:


    Object curObj = current
    string lockErrorMsg = lock (curObj)
    if (!null lockErrorMsg) print lockErrorMsg "\n"
    else print "Lock succeeded\n"


    I obtained the following successive results:


    Item /My_Project/My_Formal_Module locked (unshared) by Jane Doe@computerName1 at 08/01/14 10:25:02
    Lock succeeded
    section already locked
    Item /My_Project/My_Formal_Module locked (unshared) by John Smith@computerName2 at 08/01/14 11:03:59
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