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Pinned topic Error:WSRR Evaluation Installation Version 8.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

‏2012-07-13T08:20:32Z |
I am trying to do the evaluation installation of WSRR 8.0 in Windows 7 PC.

In the initial screen I enter localhost as the host name and enter the passwords.

I hit next and choose 'Install an Embedded DB2 Express database'

When I hit next there a popup screen which says 'Password Required' - Credentials are required to connect to an IBM Service Repository. Cancel to proceed without accessing an IBM Service Repository.

I hit Cancel

the next screen says

Installation summaryThe following options will be installed. If this list is not correct, click Back to make corrections.

Installing a WSRR Server to C:\IBM\WebSphere\WSRR\v8.0

Installing DB2 Express. Before you proceed, make sure that you do not have DB2 already installed.
I have read and accepted the license agreement and notices
I accept the agreement and hit 'Install Software'
I immediately get

Installation completed with errors
Installation generated the following messages:
** validation.password.inValidPassword.wsrr - NO PROPERTY **

The manual / info center doesnt talk about these for evaluation installation.

Can someone pls. help
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    Re: Error:WSRR Evaluation Installation Version 8.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    This is the missing message:

    "The default password for user %1 does not comply with the password policy on the system. To specify a password that complies with the password policy on the system, close the typical installation, restart the installer, and select the custom installation option."

    So basically the password you specified on the first panel, doesn't meet your system's password requirements. Could be its not long enough, isn't complicated enough or something like that.

    Hope that helps,