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Pinned topic not able to get sql call results from a method

‏2012-07-13T07:06:11Z |
hello everybody,
I'm with you with another question. I create a datasource in my server and I can reach it from web experience factory by using a sql call, service operation and definition builders. but I want to use webAppAccess interface in a method to reach the same values.I use a sql call and a method(return type is IXml) which will return IXml d = (IXml)webAppAccess.processAction("callInvoke");(callInvoke is my sql call's method). I choose return type as callTransformSchema/RowSet/Row(because I know a sql call' results has this hierarchy. there is no error while running but Icant reach any result too. colons returns with null value. can you help me about this.

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  • mburati
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    Re: not able to get sql call results from a method

    • If you call this same data service from an action list (eg, pick Data Services -> call -> execute ) does it return anything?

    - Try turning on SQL logging in the SQL Builder (under the Events and Logging section) so it'll log the sql statements (in the deployed WAR's WEB-INF/logs folder) when it runs, so you see what's happening there.

    - Try sticking a println before your processAction call (to be sure you're getting there) and then one after it to print out the results it's getting at that point.

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    Re: not able to get sql call results from a method

    You may have a schema type mismatch. SQL Call will return an XML result with a top element of RowSet regardless of how many rows are in the result set. You mentioned that the method declares it's XML schema return type to be callTransformSchema/RowSet/Row. Make sure the method is using the IXml interface to return the first Row under RowSet rather than the whole RowSet structure.
  • CRFB_didem_okuyan
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    Re: not able to get sql call results from a method

    I can reach the database from model which contains sql call it is not about the datasource. The problem was about IXml type I change it and the problem solved it mustn't be callForAnketTransformSchema/RowSet/Row it must be callForAnketTransformSchema/RowSet. I couldn't see this point before thanks a lot for your help.