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Pinned topic How much can IBM CM 8.4.3 take in ?

‏2012-07-12T19:44:45Z |

We upgraded our CM from V8.3 to V8.4.3 on Windows with one Library server and one resource manager and i feel our usage and volume is on high side but not sure how much is normal and when the extra care or special steps are needed or is there any limit CM can take in ?

Below are the current usage Details :
1. No of new files added daily = 100K (Size varies from scanned docs of 150 Kb each to PDFs of 2 MB each)
2. GB consumed on daily basis = 25 GB and on occasional peak days more than 50 GB.
3. System is in use since 4 years. Total data = 12 TB in the form of 500GB volumes.(Yes, there are more than 26 volumes and i add one volume each month)
4. Retrieve activity is approx. 50K on daily basis.
5. General CPU usage is below 10% and RAM usage is below 50%.

And now there is a plan to add more and more with the possibility of 50Gb a day may become the norm with size of some files increasing upto 100 MB (100 MB file size is OK as per our test) But not sure if single CM system is made to handle this much ? DB2 can handle millions of records and files are distributed on number of volumes, so is it OK to go to new highs ? Has anyone else experienced this much ? Thanks for any suggestions.

Vaidehi S. Tripathi
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    Re: How much can IBM CM 8.4.3 take in ?

    Hi Vaidehi,
    Is your issue resolved.
    Please mail me the details at
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